Men’s Masters Physique 2013, South Burlington, VT happened this weekend…and I survived my first competition.


On the plus side of the experience (and for these reasons, I would recommend this as a goal for men or women):

1.  You will have a very strong reason to get in fantastic shape (you will have to get up on stage in front of lots of people!)

2.  You will learn to eat even cleaner than are now

3.  You will (hopefully) end up with some fantastic photos of yourself at your physical best

4.  You will meet a bunch of great people/athletes/competitors at the day-long event

Dr Sean on the far right of the stage at the 2013 Vermont NPC-Men's Open Physique

Dr Sean on the far right of the stage at the 2013 Vermont NPC-Men’s Open Physique


On the downside:

1.  You will have to change your diet to get your body fat % down and for most of us over 35, that will take at least 12 weeks

2.  You will need to work out more (if you are not already exercising 5-6 days/week)

3.  You may feel cranky and deprived of your favorite foods (I found the eating part pretty easy and enjoyed feeling lean)

4.  Unfortunately, on the day of the show, my over 45 year old Men’s Masters Physique class was eliminated and I was put into the 35 and over class.  Kind of a tough crowd for a very-close-to 53 year old athlete! 


Pre-event photo op at home Saturday morning

Pre-event photo op at home Saturday morning


All in all it was a great experience.  Cindy and our three daughters all came to the event and cheered wildly.  The gym where I workout, Synergy Fitness, won the trophy for the most competitors at the event AND Cindy and I went out for a fantastic pasta meal after the competition.

A pretty great day overall.  I had hoped to achieve a few things from this experience…

1.  Find out how much a 50+ year old could change in a short 11 week period.

2.  Use my experience to help motivate and inspire our readers to make the changes in exercise, diet and body physique that they would like to create.

3.  Set an example for my patients (some who tell me that they need to take it easy because they are over 40!)


Masters Physique Final

Masters Physique Final

Thanks again for joining us. We have a major project in the works right now.  We have a big photo shoot coming up for our next E-book.  It will be an insiders guide to training with weights for beginners and intermediates.  It will be specifically for men and women over 35.  We will keep you posted on the progress.

All The Best,
Dr Sean & Cindy


PS  Here is a link to Old School New Body.  Cindy and I have been using this training guide (among others) with very good results.  It is loaded with good solid information on exercise, workouts and nutrition.  It is no-frills and definitely not fancy, but the price is great and the information is valuable.  Just click here to check it out.


Here are more pics of the NPC event…


Open Men's Physique class

Dr Sean competing in the Open Class